The Shakurspeare Tee Collection is inspired by the iconic 'Shakurspeare' painting created by Darrin Keith Bastfield for which Tupac Shakur expressed his love for Shakespeare and posed for Bastfield in 1988 when he and Bastfield attended the Baltimore School for the Arts and formed the rap group Born Busy. At that moment Bastfield told Shakur that he would call the painting 'Shakurspeare.'

The Tees of this collection have two different prices ranges of $300 and the other starting at $29. The $300 pricier Tee is a Limited Edition which is hand pressed, signed, and numbered which also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Bastfield. The proceeds of the Tees are to support Bastfield's film efforts.

"The price of the Limited Edition Tee will increase as time goes on just like would any Original or Limited Edition work of art, and why not? I want to take something as ordinary as as T-shirt and transform it into something special because art is special. Either way anyone who purchases any one of these Tees are clearly in the know of who Tupac really was.", says Bastfield.


Bastifled with the iconic 'Shakurspeare' painting on A&E Biography 'Who Killed Tupac? 

The oil painting has been in several publications and recently featured on TVOne's 'Unsung Hollywood' television, A&E Biography's 'Who Killed Tupac?' 6-part television series along with Bastfield's book 'Back in to Day:My life and times with Tupac Shakur featured on A&E's and FOX 45's news segment. The Shakurspeare painting is the subject to be featured in Bastfield's film of the same title 'Shakurspeare', a romantic dramedy thats centered around the often controversial world of art.

"My intent is to take Tupac from being a Cultural Icon into being an Artistic Icon." - Darrin Keith Bastfield

Shakurspeare will be featured in private exhibitions alongside other renown historic works by artists such as Jacob Lawrence, Elizabeth Catlett, Picasso, Richmond Barthe', Samella Lewis, and Norman Rockwell. 

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