Make your pledge and photo submission to be a part of Art and Movie History. We are bringing together Partrons and Artists from around the world with this historic moment that honors Tupac Shakur with the Shakurspeare Mosaic. Patrons can submit their portraits or in the case of Artists, they can submit photos of their artwork to be tiled with photos of actual works by renown Artists such as Romere Bearden, Jacob Lawrence, Elizabeth Catlett, Samella Lewis, and Richmond Barthe' who's historic works of art will also be featured in the movie and available for sale to support the Shakurspeare Motion Picture.

Each pledge is $16 per photo submission or $25 for two photo submissions uploaded and sent at the same time. Each participants photo upon acceptance will be included in the mosaic and the patrons name will be listed in the credits of the Shakurspeare Motion Picture. The Mosiac is aimed to raise funding and to bring awareness to the Shakurspeare Motion Picture, give true insight to Tupac Shakur as being someone who was once a young artist with big dreams, and to break a New World Record for the Most Patrons to Pledge and Submit photos to an Art Mosiac. We can do it! The money raised from the mosiac is to support the Motion Picture Shakurspeare, a romantic dramedy centered around the often controversial world of art and to host community art awareness events. What would have Tupac done without the Arts in his life?

The Shakurspeare Motion Picture is inspired by the painting and the "Starring Artwork" of the same name 'Shakurspeare' By Artist Darrin Keith Bastfield for which the Late Rapper/Actor Tupac Shakur posed for Bastfield at the age of 16 after sharing with Bastfield his dream to be a Shakespearean Actor while living in Baltimore. The unveiling of the Shakurspeare Mosaic will be held in Shakur's old neighborhood in Baltimore as well as Shakur's and Bastfield's former high school, the Baltimore School for the Arts. The Shakurspeare Mosiac will be permanently displayed at a location very significant to Tupac's teenage years in Baltimore. That location will be announced at the unveiling. Become a Patron and let's make Art and Movie History.