With celebrity couples bombarding this news whether it be from them just walking down the street to airing out their drama with extraness, it is fair to say that they are often the source for the media hype machine whether the news is relevant or otherwise. These media culprits (often called "Media Whores") systematically play into the poparazzi cameras like kindred spirits to remain relevant without any relevant cause or purpose in most cases and guess what, we love it!

 Shakurspeare, a romantic dramedy motion picture centered around the controversial world of art is campaigning to raise funding here on www.BecomeAPatron.com. The movie through its narrative will also feature over 30 works from renown artists such as Jacob Lawrence, Romere Bearden, Elizabeth Catlett, Richmond Barthe', and Samella Lewis. The collection of these works are also available for purchase by collectors to support funding for the film. I then thought about if media watching audiences would be so much inclined to use their imagination like they do with their favorite celebrity couples when it actually came to famous artistic icons. With that being said..What if Shakurspeare, an oil painting by Darrin Keith Bastfield of the young rapper/actor Tupac Shakur before fame and arguably the most prolific Hip Hop Artist of our time that many refer to as the G.O.A.T. and the Mona Lisa, an oil painting by Leonardo DaVinci which is the most famous painting in the entire Art World as it is said to be were to get hitched up?


This is the part were you inject your imagination.

They would indeed become the Top Celebrity Couple For Eternity! Would it be so far fetched knowing just the little we know about the Late Tupac Shakur's reputation to "Get Around?" Would Mona Lisa herself find interest in the painting of a young man that was clearly from another world in stark contrast when placed right next to her. It is said the "Opposites attract." Think about it; he has eyebrows and she don't.  She is an older women, he's a younger man. The world would have mixed and controversial reviews when it comes to race however they are both at the top of their game for art eternity and they both are oil paintings. At least they are of the same genre. No argument there. The only artistic icon who could break this Power Couple up at this level would be Madonna. Not the singer, the painting. Shakurspeare's confidence would be enough to get Mona Lisa to want to pick at the lock on his journal. They would certainly be a match made in art heaven. Hanging up in the Louvre by herself for such a long time, Mona is bound to want to seek companionship and probably couldn't wait to get her media shine on too. The interesting part is that it wouldn't be so far fetched if these famous paintings dated. With so many celebrities breaking up and airing their dirty laundry though messy court precedings that always seem to reach our living rooms and timelines today at warp speed, the biggest question for Shakurspeare and the Mona Lisa would be.."Will it last?" Well...Art is forever right? Ok..I am just saying "Use your imagination." We will see as this relationship gets pretty steamy.

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