Become A Patron

What's the difference between being on being on the Become A Patron Email List and being a Patron Member and Member Artist?

Email subscribers get:

  • A monthly email telling them about upcoming Public Events
  • Access to purchase tickets to Become A Patron Public Events
Patrons and Member Artists (Invitation Only) get all the above, plus:


  • Private Information and Access to Invitation Only Events 
  • Consideration for inclusion in Become A Patron Events and Art Exhibitions 
  • Discounts on Become A Patron Events and on shop products
  • Behind the Scenes access and updates of the creative process and reward offers

Membership in a community of Patrons and Member Artists who believe that the power of imagination can change the world.

Become A Patron Membership Levels:

$50 Individual Patron Membership 

$500 Individual Patron Membership

$1000 Individual Patron Membership

Corporate Patron Membership

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